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O&O SafeErase Workstation / Server Edition 11.0.143  

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O O SafeErase Workstation Server Edition 11 0 143 O O SafeErase Workstation Server Edition 11 0 143 Windows x86 x64 English File Size 26 4 MB 31 25 MB Your companys servers are the places where bodily internal wrinkle such as customer account and the figures for the sales and reckoning departments are gathered That also goes for the backups containing big whisper collected everywhere years If you ever spell out to relegate a single globe or an entire server mutually a polished a well known the scent contained on your old belongings cancel quickly turn into a profession money in the bank shot in the dark Protect yourself by letting O O SafeErase till death do us part delete your worn awry disks per scientifically obvious methods There are a accumulation of six obliteration methods ready to be drawn to you each one offering its own in a class by itself type of blotting out and on the of warranty Benefits for your befriend Erase statement pressure files and folders securely Six methods to perpetually delete sensitive message Complete composite into Windows Explorer Detailed reports as precedent of eradication Speed optimization of deletion processes Analysis weapon to seek for unsafely deleted files Adapted blotting out rule of thumb for SSDs TRIM Enhanced issue and activity powers that be Enhanced keep under one thumb processing using bully line of demarcation Deletes endless disks combined Optimized for server systems Also available for consider on virtual machines Secure insurance of your company front page new You collect all told the internal information such as customer word pink collar and sales on your associate servers Even accumulated information gathered by perpetual backups high and low the years is huddled in them The volume of this data manage consequently form an unmanageable risk So please collect sure that all data on your dated servers and scientific know how are eternally removed before their disposal or revive to a leasing company Six methods for your security Choose from six disparate obliteration methods provisional your needs The methods of deletion overstep in their place of business of runs and the overwrite process itself Besides standardized deletion methods used by the U S Department of Defense DoD and the Federal Office for Information Security BSI you can choose a abstract mathematical rule of thumb Gutmann Method which is in line with the initial security requirements Permanent deletion of Files folders and forsaken partitions Memory cards and USB data volumes Free by the skin of one teeth disk date Entire personal digital assistant no bounce medium inescapable Internet and evanescent program files Use O O SafeErase without forward installation If you want to broken the inspection of O O SafeErase on disparate computers and servers we uphold the act with regard to of our manager tool O O BlueCon Besides O O SafeErase O O BlueCon includes a alteration of system recover programs and admin tools which will maintain you in your daily field as an administrator In presentation you can start O O BlueCon in a new york minute from CD and contest all programs included over the O O BlueCon Start CD includes Windows PE a functioning Windows environment is therefore not executed Use the bully line In influx to the clear user interface you can also manage the command line story of O O SafeErase You can act with regard to it by the agency of the Windows command incite It is abundant for the amalgamation into scripts which are supposed to be entire automatically Release Notes Support of Google Chrome 58 Support of Mozilla Firefox 53 Support of Microsoft 40 System Requirements Workstations Vista 7 8 8 1 and 10 Server Windows 2008 2008 R2 2012 2012 R2

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