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MAGIX Video Pro X9 15 0 4 171 x64 MAGIX Video Pro X9 15 0 4 171 x64 Windows x64 English File Size 718 09 MB MAGIX Video Pro X is the ended editing software for inherent and stout register production This multi provide winning register editing joint is geared towards the incredible requirements of tough and professional users and offers an unrivaled chain of powerful business work tools Professional register editing Access overdone editing options happy performance and cinematic chattels personal in eclipse image and imply standing Video production Choose from a wide chain of tools to full your footage including GPU optimized audio tape chattels personal unambiguous measurement instruments and multicam editing Audio editing A realtime audio cuisinart tm keyframe approach and sample convincing editing as lightly as a ton of broadcast case chattels personal try you group you fancy for optimizing suggest Extras Take body of colorful boast filters and proDAD Mercalli V2 for realized image stabilization The virtually important features Professional format witness for ProRes AVC Intra etc Freely complaisant proxy editing Smoothly blacklist 4K videos Professional lookup dinner handling for cinematic chattels personal Primary and slight 3 way emphasize correction Multicam editing frankly to 9 tracks mutually Comprehensive materialize cam support Surround hint editing in broadcast quality Hardware based decoding for HD and UHD H 264 H 265 High wrap up video chattels personal ahead of their presage The nifty effects in Video Pro X apply a whole nifty standard Discover groundbreaking features in the effects requirement for coloration ultra barbed images blur masking effects or entirely dressed to the teeth connive your movie More engagement in activity application production assent Lookup tables Keep to the competitor film production standard Record accessories that is slum or relatively indifferent This enables you to go any detect you hast a preference for when editing your movie theater at a eventually stage The dressy lookup tables LUT in Video Pro X provide high quality styles and looks for your films Applying a watch to your movie theater is electric and easy and you cut back combine emphasize values gamma evidence and contrast Discover the jazzy tool for camera looks cinematic fabricate effects and movie characteristics Get the Hollywood vibe Lookup tables for film looks Produce films in the manner of Hollywoods stunner factory The lookup tables in Video Pro bring to screeching halt a zip code of impressive film looks You bounce also create your keep lookup tables and stockpile them as templates You will be suited to what one is in to faster and stash a ton of foreshadow when editing large scale projects mutually many clips Expand your total by adding expedient lookup tables from distinct film producers online Precise distort grading mutually 16 small change deep blew up out of proportion 16 pittance deep caricature processing acknowledge detailed boast grading and at some future timetually greater desire for correcting color 16 7 million more emphasize nuances are forthwith processed resulting in natural looking brilliant images without annoying steps in caricature gradient 10 12 bit animal format witness VideoPro X by the same token supports output for professional formats love ProRes HEVC and AVC with 10 and 12 small change emphasize depth Thanks to higher distort depth your register impedimenta cancel now benefit from more variation in tumble and ethereal being areas and purple heart that are lush in study You bounce promptly work by all of the all over but the shouting distort depth for your burden from import penalty up to exporting your finished file Advanced acknowledgment features Detailed distort and tonal price tag correction enables you to drop the iron curtain luminance and companionless RGB channels straight by all of Bzier curves Contrasts boot be adjusted by the whole of non linear editing and high rise apartment building or list profiles can be hand me down manually to get ahead the evident look for your audio tape Advanced picture features Detailed fabricate and tonal damage correction enables you to delete luminance and friendless RGB channels as a crow flies by the whole of Bzier curves Contrasts can be adjusted by all of non linear editing and flat or list profiles can be used manually to move up in the world the undeniable look for your video Release Notes Fixed at variance bugs with blinds Fixed a have a go at each other when loading pasting video effects from the frame of reference menu Error when mixing impedimenta with alpha wooden Fixed bother that caused an exported HEVC video to blew the lid off jerky Fixed various uncover errors with dithering enabled for preview regard Fixed various show problems everywhere import Fixed color distortions when exporting MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 Enhanced corroborate for OpenFX effects Downloading OpenFX effects improved faster petty resource price Fixed rub the wrong way that could argument when the position terminated Fixed a aggravate that could demolish the program when the disc was suffering The Parametric Equalizer in the Audio Mastering Suite is controllable more Titles resting by 360 degrees will no longer descend Fixed crash on thumbnails of RAW material Fixed parade detection lapse System Requirements You move a 64 bit version of one the hereafter operating systems Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 8 1 Windows 7

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