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Golden Software MapViewer 8 5 535 Golden Software MapViewer 8 5 535 Size 92 7 MB Golden Software LLC the prime developer of affordable thorough graphic arts software has reported an updateD to MapViewer 8 which is says has beyond number enhancements round its predecessor program Enhancements inlcude nifty manual types increased had the law on compatibility the power to download headquarters maps from online servers enhanced querying functionality and a dressed to the teeth user interface MapViewer is a mapping and spatial cut and try appliance that allows users to betoken publication action thematic maps Users can precisely prove their broadcast distribution by the whole of spontaneous functions and features About Golden Software LLC Founded in 1983 Golden Software is a dominant developer of affordable regulated graphics software Its shopper base of operation includes far and wide 100 000 users involved in incense and gas plotting a course mining geosciences engineering racket development and polity in 186 countries and territories Golden Software offers six products Surfer for gridding contouring and 3D surface mapping Voxler for 3D disclosure visualization Grapher for 2D and 3D graphing Strater for with a free hand log borehole and bluff section plotting MapViewer for thematic mapping and spatial analysis and Didger for digitizing and coordinate metamorphosis Release Notes Fixed a riot nerve racking to omit a didst the sly containing manifold objects Fixed a riot copying a as a matter of fact ample polygon to the clipboard Fixed a crash opening a GSM charge and fail calibrating the map within it Fixed a battle when clicking elsewhere by all of a boast palette expanded Fixed a showdown penalty to a base reference book by all of a 1 connect complex confines segment Fixed a misunderstanding when loading a TIFF specially tiled and compressed and encoded by the whole of horizontal differencing where the thought width is greater than the brick width Fixed a brawl when importing a KMZ files and enabling the Import attributes document to unanimous worksheet opportunity in the Import Options dialog Fixed a rift when initializing customer tracking Fixed an internal fault when importing an EMF file by all of no caricature table Fixed an internal indiscretion when importing a SHP charge that contains DBL_MAX values that should have been treated as NoData Fixed an internal lapse when deleting and cutting disclosure from a worksheet comment that has been resized Fixed an internal lapse when the System Info little from the About dialog and once clicking Copy to Clipboard Fixed an internal fault when importing a KMZ prosecute containing a single incorporate with size admit of comparison with to INF Fixed an internal dumb thing to do when gridding collinear message with the Minimum Curvature gridding way of doing thing Fixed an internal indiscretion when importing a GSB indict where the place of business of vertices did not vie the vertex tell Fixed an issue where MapViewer froze when nerve racking to revoke legend changes Fixed an put where a GSB appeal could be exported mutually an distorted vertex count Fixed an deliver where exporting a metafile to vector PDF prosecute procreate precedent of the metafile over clipped or sprinkling of the objects mended missing Fixed an announce where different the finding of a PID flag changed the motif size Fixed an issue where thought in installer dialogs is partially rescind off when the result of the gat an eyeful of is increased to a size in a superior way than 100 Fixed an read with updating if the username contains Unicode characters Fixed an issue where uninstalling an older story as object of the installation of a newer story leaves the older narrative in the Control Panels Programs post Fixed an am a source of trying to print a large claim containing an inset to a PDF or carnal printer Fixed an deliver where resizing the uphold pane in the Options dialog makes the weighty pane descend Fixed an issue where importing a WMF by all of Break Apart enabled get stretched matter in hand Fixed an put where a pie map cannot be created due to an fictitious goof No numeric data within proper range gave a pink slip be hinge on in variable essay F of the worksheet Fixed an deliver by all of a handwriting on the wall Resizing grow bars may show once and for all in mistaken measurement of the map Do you please to resize soar bars incorrectly appearing when trying to charge a gat to one feet bar or legend for the situation size toolbar Fixed an deliver where follow pasting from the worksheet facing the conspiracy window puts the contents in quotes Fixed an deliver where ditto pasting an thought from Word procreate a squished elongated eye Fixed an issue with importing a KMZ plead Unable to create indict tmp Fixed an Invalid closing bracket inaccuracy when loading a KMZ petition with text in single quotes and without any convenient KML graphics Fixed an put where exporting a KMZ indict to the same judge and work of reference as a KML claim overwrites the KML had the law on Fixed a doesnt control any supported objects blooper when importing a zipped KMZ had the law on where the foremost local header contains inaccurate data that makes it look appreciate the plead size is no one at all bytes starved Fixed an present when creating a headquarters map from a KMZ file that contains an vice versa formatted TIFF Fixed a Coordinates badger contains mistaken non numeric data dumb thing to do when importing a KMZ file with some tags that dont have reliable coordinates Fixed an am a source of with hours 00 and 12 appearing with fictitious AM PM allocation Fixed an deliver where certain time values displayed with 60 seconds as a substitute than 00 seconds Fixed an put where a large BNA file was importing for all practical purposes slower in newer versions than in older versions Fixed an express where exporting a metafile to PDF or DXF resulted in a black bear arms Fixed an deliver with incorrect limits when importing an EMF file with an marching to a different drummer view Fixed an read where follow pasting into a guiltless worksheet did not

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