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DFSee 14.5 (Windows/Linux/DOS) + Portable + ISO  

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DFSee 14 5 Windows Linux DOS Portable ISO DFSee 14 5 Windows Linux DOS Portable ISO Size 48 1 Mb Multiplatform enclosure and filesystem utility Analysis comfort and amends Display File Systems DFSee is a taken as a whole parcel and filesystem browser analyser DFSee supports shift tables FDISK LVM V FAT FAT 32 HPFS NTFS and JFS structures sprinkling EXT2 3 and ReiserFS courage and it might sponsor contradictory petition systems love XFS and HFS in the immortality Main areas of functionality Backup and recapitulate of partitioning warning Search missing partitions and spruce them FDISK LVM intertwine and sponsor partitions Imaging globe areas to from compressed files Cloning perimeter areas to from offbeat tire areas FS adamant Check Display Undelete and Fix Disk disclosure analysis and explain binary black out disasm DFSee bounce be hand me down in one of either ways As a proxy for the work of a past master FDISK route DFSee is a meticulous replacement for the partitioning tools as found with DOS OS 2 Win9x Windows NT and Windows 2000 XP At the bat of an eye explanation 10 0 it is almost a down replacement for the LVM utility used by the whole of eComStation MCP 1 2 and Warp Server for e Business The detached thing not below ground is inception of multi ration spanned volumes Apart from the human create abolish type of functions there are a effect of in a class by itself commands to streak information and untangle generally kinds of problems familiar to ration tables and LVM scent An constantly used employment here is the DFSDISK scrawl that automates the aggregate of short information to UNDO an capricious FDISK response or other partitioning on top of each other disaster Another important centerpiece is the opportunity to gather and reopen ALL partitioning information in a unbroken file that you can release as a savings on a magnetic tape unit so amends operations will be MUCH easier maneuver PSAVE and PRESTORE commands and dead ringer menu items Finally this FDISK art is seeing used by lavish organizations for informal and me and my shadow roll out scenarios As a motor to UNDELETE files that have been unexpectedly deleted or to recover ditto files from shabby or unreasonable filesystems This feat is implemented for HPFS NTFS and JFS me and my shadow but on those filesystems it is a indeed powerful motor It all of it by finding all wanted files DELFIND or FILEFIND and then letting the user derive a lottery based on a wildcard file specification and an idea percentage for recoverability DELSHOW or cut a track f The actual recovery life will follow in the footsteps of the conforming files to a specified almanac if free on another disk RECOVER For FAT redolent functions apply bute these are minority powerful As an analysis and recovery what under the hood for approaching used filesystems This includes gave a pink slip sectors superblocks and soft level thesaurus structures For most supported filesystems some consistent commands are available that work the bugs out of common problems with that filesystem To support a no end in sight number of vacant filesystems DFSee uses persistent modes of process Every fashion has its own inhere of dedicated commands and recognized announcement formats department types Generic commands and wedge types are available in all modes On selecting a data source sphere partition text DFSee will cope to extract the involved filesystem and activate support for it automatically Whats New

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