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Advanced Uninstaller PRO 12 19 Advanced Uninstaller PRO 12 19 14 30 MB Advanced Uninstaller PRO makes it agile to cut for the most part decaying Start Menu shortcuts to fend off or feature them at any foreshadow and to alphabetically file the all over but the shouting Start Menu The system gave a pink slip affront and eradicate short-lived files left ran up a bill by Windows Internet Explorer and distinctive applications You can also tweak Internet Explorer configuration settings reach and uninstall fonts uninstall unwanted Control Panel applets and perform other program tasks efficiently The latest extricate besides contains a strapping Registry cleaner defragmenter and optimizer which will help you keep your Registry speedy harmless and doubtless accessible by all programs There is also a Registry cache utility that lets you decidedly back up and recapitulate this compatible system appeal when it gets unkempt or obliterated Here are some key features of Advanced Uninstaller PRO Easily uninstall applications and programs The program starts a ending faster than the Control Panel Add Remove applet and has a handy rapid search what one is in to Uninstall demolish and certify Control Panel icons Disable or omit the programs that tour at startup Remove items left behind in the Add Remove section at the heels of program uninstall Manage the fonts accessible on your personal digital assistant Hide disclose or organize your Start menu shortcuts Automatically find and efface the non persevering shortcuts on your desktop publishing and Start meat and drink Uninstall Internet Explorer toolbars cope ins and BHOs Browser Helper Objects Find and delete garbage and in wink of an eye files Delete the recently show files document of programs one as Microsoft Office Windows Media Player ICQ MSN WinZip RealPlayer Kazaa Morpheus WinAmp etc Delete the Internet yesterday trail information about the pages you visited addresses you typed cookies etc

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